Our Service

1. Project and Technical Support

Hotel Development Process

We believe a successful resort or hotel development follow below logical sequence.

This is a model of the hotel development process in which; from our experience, several of the steps will run concurrently, to ensure a smooth and efficient development.

Feasibility Study

When working on the development of a new hotel, the first task of our project team is to review the current market conditions in the targeted city and advise the owner on the feasibility of the project and the best product positioning to ensure best possible return on investment.

Project Development

The development phase starts with the appointment of the external architect and designer. We conduct selection, tendering and appointment of the contractor and other consultants. During the development, we are unique in the fact that we actively consult the owner and investor to ensure that we fulfill their wishes and dreams.

In addition to the design reviews, we are heavily involved during the construction phase, as project coordinator, acting as the owner’s representative at site and project meetings, and advising on the selection and procurement of FF&E, OS&E and other materials. We share with you on operational hospitality view to support some legal aspect of hotel development and operations.

Design and Construction

We are actively involved in the design development and review process, by advising on operation lay out and quality standards to deliver a desired product within the budget. Upon completion, we work with the owner’s consultants in conducting inspections and in testing and commissioning the equipment and completed works.


2. Pre-Opening

Pre-Opening Plan

To open the hotel successfully on time, we develop a 12 month pre-opening critical path with all the necessary action to be carried, it covers all aspect of the hotel from Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Front office, Housekeeping, Engineering & Maintenance, Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Security, Spa, Sport and Recreation. This guideline helps each operational department to be open successfully in a timely and professional manner.

Timeline Scheduling

A project timeline schedule is a strategic and an important tool in a project manager’s portfolio for guiding a project successfully to its target completion date, as per the budget approved.

We supervise the progress of all aspects of the project and the consultants, in order to open the hotel on time.


3. Hotel Management

Bencoolen Hotel Group provides day to day operation of hotel and resort which produces measurable results in revenue performance, guest satisfaction, cost management and profitability. It is the depth of our experience that allows hotel owners to improve profit margins. Our team members has years of experience in Hotel Management in some of the most successful hotel and resort in the region.

Business Planning and Budgeting

A comprehensive annual budgeting program is developed to assist owners and managers with operational and financial target setting and in formulating business strategies. In order to achieve the highest possible profit, the hotel is benchmarked with the best performing competitors and analyse with key financial and statistical indicators.

Financial Reporting

Operational and financial performances are reviewed regularly through predefined management and financial reports. As a monitor tool, the reports are designed to guide hotel owners and managers in reviewing, evaluating and interpreting key performance indicators for decision making and strategy review.

Internal Audit

On a regular basis, operation and financial audit are conducted which cover hotel operations, guest contact, back-of-the house, accounting and finance function. The objective is to review, identify and manage risk area, inconsistent practices, regulatory and legal compliance and material deviation of the established hotel policies and procedures.


4. Sales and Marketing


Together with our partners we provide the branding solution. We ensure a clear and strong brand positioning to support its corporate aspiration. We create the brand identity that drives all communications in a cohesive and consistent manner.

Sales & Marketing

We drive business to our hotels and build market share with hotel promotion including sales, communication, public relation, revenue management, customer relationship and partnership marketing.

Electronic Distribution

The global marketing has evolved so much in the last few years and with our partners, we are able to provide online hotel marketing solution from website design, website optimization, strategic linking and search optimization to produce the best result and highest return on investment.


5. Human Resources


Employee is one of the main assets of the hotel; we invest the necessary time to recruit the best possible people for each position and strive to identify high performance individuals as well as future leaders that contribute to the hotel success.

Training and Development

We tailor make training programs plan based on the market requirement, we provide and conduct professional module training. We believe that people and training can make the difference in a highly competitive environment.


We identify leaders of tomorrow, grow and develop them, and maximize their strengths through training, coaching and mentoring. Our leadership program unleashes leader’s potentials and develops new synergy for the benefit of the project.


The day to day operation is lead by a team of experts in their respective field. All aspect of the operation will be professionally handled: Food & Beverage, Room Division, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Maintenance, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance and Information technology.


6. Asset Management

Finally, once the hotel is open, we provide asset management services, which ensure that the owner’s investment goals are being met by providing the information tools required to make appropriate decisions. Hotel asset management is the legal responsibility of managing the hotel investment.

We ensure that the property is managed and maintained as an investment in accordance with the owner’s expectations regarding financial returns, value creation, maintenance and financial risk mitigation. We oversee the activities of the operator, to ensure compliance with their contract and their objectives.

Our scope also includes management contracts, managing the manager, benchmarking property performance, and the capital improvement decision.

The asset manager’s role in building value is analyzed at both property and portfolio levels.